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Category: Mobile Website Building Tools
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Aircus Review

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Aircus has a sleek set-up. Its page is fluid and inviting, but what it has in style it lacks in substance at times. There's very little information on the site, and although the editing tools are pretty intuitive we felt that there was generally a lack of support for users, particularly if you've little experience with website design. That said, you can create a modern and appealing website with relative ease, and for free. If you're interested in unique domain names and specialised email services then you can upgrade, but generally we feel that these aren't always necessary.

What was most alluring about Aircus' design systems was the fact that you can set it up so that your site will automatically render depending on the device being used to view it. This means that, in theory at least, your website should look good on a cell phone, iPad, TV or any other device a visitor is using. The design options are fine, each of them looks smart, but we did feel they were a little limited. The color pallet allows you to tailor your website somewhat to suit your branding, but not nearly enough to do a great job if branding is vital to you. You can opt to pay additional fees to use the editing tools with unique templates (rather than the stock ones that are provided for free) but we advice contacting the sales team to check how much this might cost you.

For the majority of people Aircus won't cost much, or anything. Building a site is completely free and it can go live at no cost. However sites such as this one make their money from advertising on the free sites you design, so if you're not keen on having random ads on your company website then you may wish to go elsewhere. The sites themselves should be fine for most users but if you want something that stands out then we feel Aircus could be a little limited.

Creating and editing a site is easy and often just requires you to drag and drop images and information. You can easily delete features that you don't want, or add them with a couple of clicks. However, the list of features available is significantly smaller than you'll find with other mobile website creation companies. We also found the lack of information quite annoying when browsing this site, particularly when it comes to clearly stating prices. If you do need help then you can contact customer services by phone or email, as well as being able to follow their progress on a number of social networking sites.

If you're looking to build a cheap (or free) website that can work on a variety of platforms, Aircus.com is worth considering. However if you feel that putting your own stamp on a site is important to your brand and company image, you'll probably want to check out some of the other sites we've reviewed in this category. Aircus is best suited to an organization that wants an online presence but doesn't have the budget to make something that will stand out from its competitors. 

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