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MobiSiteGalore Review

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Ahoy there matey! If you've come a'lookin for a bounty of mobile website features then ye be in luck! Now mop the decks and shiver me timbers, MobiSiteGalore has a bootiful selection of mobile website features to choose from, all of which are included in its affordable packages.

Okay enough of the pirate lingo. In all seriousness, MobiSiteGalore has one of the most extensive lists of features we've seen for marketing a mobile website and analyzing traffic, among other things. These are split into several key areas, namely Advertising, Goodies, e-Commerce, Power, Site Design, Ease of Use and Website Management. Combined, these provide enough unique elements and control options to satisfy most needs. On first arriving to the site you can watch a short video which acts as a brief introduction to the world of mobile websites. The benefits are many, and in this high-tech world of iPhones and Androids it can be massively important to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Set up is very quick and you can even see your site going live within fifteen minutes. Of course this isn't going to be the perfect site, but this does show how quick and easy it can be to make changes later on. There are plenty of options when it comes to designing the site itself, although we have seen better designed pages elsewhere. Much of this will be down to how much time and effort you're willing to put into designing your mobile site, although in our opinion the templates provided are a little text-heavy for mobile devices. You can also choose from a range of private branding features, which are available by request and will incur an additional fee. However, if you want your site to ooze your own brand then this can be a necessity. 

MobiSiteGalore is from the Akmin group, a software provider which has been running since 1999 and now serves  more than one and a half million users. You can join the team (of sorts) by purchasing the Developer Pack. This allows you to create an unlimited number of mobile websites, which you can do on behalf of other companies (for a fee, earning you some cash!). Another neat idea utilised by mobiSiteGalor.com is to provide visitors with the opportunity to view some of the live sites they've helped to create. This gives a good idea of what you can expect to see once you've built your website, and how others might view it on their phone or mobile device. This service really stands out for the sheer number of features it has on offer, mainly in terms of extras that help you to market your site and analyze its traffic. In contrast its design tools are a little less impressive. Of course it all depends on what you hope to gain from your website, and how important the visual impact is to you. 

Perhaps we're being a little tough on MobiSiteGalore, after all the co-author of “Mobile Internet for Dummies” described it as “a truly revolutionary service poised to change the way we all use the mobile internet.” Its prices are fair, even cheap compared with many of its competitors, and it provides plenty of options to choose from. We're also pretty sure that with the right eye you can design a site that will suit you. If you're not sure whether or not to give them a try then why not take a look at their free trials, which allow you to get a taste of the booty without having to dive in head first. Yarr.

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