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Qfuse Review

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Want to develop a mobile website with plenty of analytical tools and coding options? Qfuse could be for you. It provides a large range of features for advanced users who are willing to sign up for its paid packages, but you may need to understand coding to get the most out of its services.

If you're not sure whether or not you have the know-how to use Qfuse to the fullest, we'd recommend taking a look at their “packages and prices” page, which gives a detailed overview of what's on offer. At the high end (which is the way to go if you want to use their Partner & Enterprise options) there are around 40-50 features to choose from, ranging from advanced customization and design options, to intricate branding choices.

The website goes into some detail regarding its QR Code and NFC analytics, offering one-click reports and 3rd party tracking capabilities, as well as advanced QR and NFC tracking and reporting. If this is all sounding a bit like a foreign language then you may wish to go elsewhere.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Qfuse is that it isn't very easy to use. You can make a professional website, seeing all your edits in real time, with some great branding options, but this isn't as simple as it could be. However if you're comfortable with website design and think that you could get a lot from understanding your website traffic, Qfuse.com does seem a viable option.

We can't go too far without talking about the price. There's a free package available but it's very limited indeed and most users will find that they can't get very far using it. The Standard package allows you to have 3 pages on a site but this seems very limited for most businesses. As such, we anticipate that man people will need to upgrade to the Pro package, but at $50 a month this is considerably more expensive. Meanwhile if you want to take advantage of all of the features on offer then you'll need to call up to get a quote, and who knows how much that could cost.

We felt a little let down by Qfuse. Its introductory video made it look swanky enough but its low price options are far too limited to be of any real use to most companies. You can find more generous options for less money elsewhere. However, if you are interested in branding and you know your way around website design then it does have a lot of features to offer, particularly if you've got a decent budget.  

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