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Category: Mobile Website Building Tools
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DudaMobile Review

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You see them on the trains and buses, walking through the streets, their faces aglow and intense. You dare not approach them, the mobile folk. For better or worse cell phones are now a major part of everyday life. They can connect us to our friends and families, allowing us to call or even see their faces. People use them to cheat in pub quizzes, to check out movie reviews or to find a decent bite to eat. In fact browsing the web when on the move is more popular than ever, and when it comes to business advantages having a decent mobile website can make all the difference.

You might think that your regular website is good enough, so why would you need one specifically for mobiles? Well there are several very good reasons. In most cases your normal website is overly complex, it's suited to a larger screen which allows you to scroll down and read text. When this kind of site is seen on a mobile device it often distorts any images you've uploaded, and is just fiddly! This is a real put off to anyone who's quickly browsing sites on their phone or other mobile device. DudaMobile is one of many sites that offer a range of solutions to these problems, plus a few additional features that are unique to mobile web browsing. So why has DudaMobile come out at the top of the pile? In short: it offers a generous number of useful features, attractive but practical sites, and packages at very competitive prices.

Building a mobile site on Duda is easy. You can simply insert the URL of your current site and have it automatically converted (this may require a little bit of tweeking) or produce a site from scratch. They provide a number of well designed templates which allow you to simply drag and drop any images or information you wish, automatically arranging each element so that it appears professionally on-screen.

Free members are limited in what they can do but you can still develop an impressive site using Duda without paying a penny. If you do choose to upgrade then additional features become available to you, some of which we'll talk about in a moment, but you can also create a much larger website with an unlimited number of pages. This is ideal if you have a variety of products and services to show potential customers, as you can have a separate page for each item. If you only want to provide customers with the basic information regarding your business (such as your address, or a menu) then the free option might be worth looking into. However, you need to remember that free sites may have 3rd party advertisements appear on them. If your brand is important to you then this might not be ideal. Upgrading is very affordable at less than $10 per month, and the advantages, for most people, will outweigh the costs.

  Other features that set DudaMobile out as an industry leader include interactive maps, click to call, and promotions.  

Let's look at some of these features in an attempt to better understand what they do and how they can be used to improve your business. One of the big differences between the paid and unpaid packages is that Duda Mobile Premium allows you to have a custom domain. This looks much more professional than having a dudamobile suffix attached to your URL, and also makes it easier to type in to the address bar on someone's mobile.

Other features that set DudaMobile out as an industry leader include interactive maps, click to call, and promotions. Each of these things will encourage visitors to come back or make finding you that bit easier. You can also check out the statistics regarding the traffic through your site, which will give you a good idea of where your visitors are based, how often they visit your site, when they visit and more. This will provide an opportunity to target your mobile website to suit your customers' needs.

Duda Mobile is low cost, so much so that few sites offer similar value for money. With a strong list of practical features, well designed sites and great automatic conversion options, we felt that Duda offered excellent value for money. You can try out any of the systems for free for a limited period too, which gives you the chance to better understand how everything works and whether or not this service would be best for you.

This isn't to say that Duda is perfect, though. You can find more sophisticated analysis tools elsewhere and their marketing options are somewhat limited in areas. Our main concern with Duda was with their customer service, which was fine but could use some improvement. This improvement should focus primarily on their website, which could offer more samples and general guidance. That said, there are a substantial number of DudaMobile tutorials and general videos uploaded onto Vimeo, as well as a community section to explore. 

Overall, Duda offers an easy-usecomprehensive mobile website building toolkit. If you're still not convinced then why not try out the free version, there's really nothing to lose!

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