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TAPPINN is a flexible mobile website builder with a few innovative features that can help you to promote your business and keep users coming back for more. Its basic system is easy to use, allowing you to drag and drop images, information and more, whilst it also offers more sophisticated options for advanced users. It offers a free (but very limited) option which is useful for getting to grips with its intricacies, and whilst its paid options aren't the cheapest available, they still offer fairly good value for money.

The website splits its services into three distinct sections, which makes sense given the nature of mobile websites. The first area is devoted to building your mobile website. This focuses on making your mobile site stand out and, more than anything else, makes sure it is quick and easy to use. Its basic functions are simple enough to use and shouldn't cause too much difficulty for novices, although it does contain a few coding options that aren't completely automated so you may wish to check those out before deciding to pay for the service.

The site also contains a section on mobile marketing and describes several ways to get your mobile website noticed including loyalty programs, NFC tags and SMS mobile marketing options. You can also produce coupons to encourage visitors to sign up to mailing lists. Much of this is useful, allowing you to get information from your potential clients so that you can make contact with them later.

Finally there is a tracking and analytics section, providing details on how your traffic information can give you a better idea of how to communicate with your customers. This is all about judging your market, getting them to visit your site and then getting them to stay there long enough to make a purchase, and hopefully visit again.

All this considered, Tappin is probably best suited to online retailers, but it could also work well for high street retailers who want more feet coming through the door. Many of the features on tappinn.com are focused on attracting sales and revisits, so if that's what you have in mind then they could be a useful company to check out.

If you think you might be able to use their free service then just be a little cautious as you can only create a site with one page, so unless you just want to have a very brief website to advertise a shop or single product then it probably won't be of much use. That said, you could take advantage of this free service just to get an idea of the services and features available, then choosing to pay for a more developed website if you are happy with Tappinn up to that point.  

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