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Category: Mobile Website Building Tools
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GoMobi Review

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GoMobi offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of mobile website building features available today. What's more, their mobile sites are well constructed, with the customer in mind. You can add a huge number of widgets to get the best mobile web browsing experience possible for your potential-clients. But they're not perfect and their analytics tools are not as sophisticated as you can find elsewhere.

In terms of building your mobile website, on GoMobi you can choose from a unique design or to edit a template. Both are decent options, although if you're new to website design then you may wish to opt for the template option, at least to begin with. These are well constructed, usually providing a space for an image to grab a visitor's attention and show off your business ethos. You can then include a number of buttons for the user to choose from, including taking them to opening times, a map to your location or access to menus, and more. We felt that they'd really considered the things most customers are interested in knowing, and designed their templates with that in mind. Subsequently most of the designs are practical as well as attention grabbing. Designing your own site from scratch is more difficult but shouldn't cause many problems. The site also has an FAQ and several video tutorials if you're stuck, or you can contact customer support.

There are a few features that you won't find on other sites, or if you do then in our experience you won't find all of them in one place. For example you can add up to 10 videos, as well as a picture gallery, or a selection of visually-appealing links to Youtube of Vimeo videos. This makes your mobile site much more engaging, and potentially something that visitors may wish to explore. Additionally you can link it up to social networking sites, have a live Twitter feed, upload blog posts and more, giving your website a real sense of engagement with its audience. As we mentioned, we felt that the analytic tools were not quite up to the same standard. The same could perhaps be said about marketing tool options which are lacking somewhat. If you're interested in growing your customer base by understanding how people view your site, when and where they are when they do so, you may wish to look elsewhere. Branding options aren't clearly available either, although you could make an attempt at this in your design of the site.

In terms of price, you can't do a great deal without paying for the service but they do offer a 30 day free trial, which is a great way to get a sense of what you can achieve with a mobile website. After the trial period you won't end up paying too much to keep your site live, at just $5.95 a month. This is less than most mobile website building services cost, and we feel that they offer a generally superior service. If you hadn't already gathered, we recommend at least giving the free trial a shot, you've nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

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