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Category: Mobile Website Building Tools
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dotMobi is more than just a website building service, it provides research, design, marketing and analytics tools to help you make the most of your website and ultimately improve your online presence. It does this with a particular focus on mobile web surfing, with specialist technology you won't find elsewhere.

With regards to the mobile website building options, dotMobi.com links you to goMobi. However they also offer additional services which might be of interest. Their aim is to help you to deliver content experiences to customers in the hope that they will want to visit and revisit your site. They build technologies to help cater for a wide range of organizations, including large businesses, resellers and small businesses, and are active participants in deriving standards at W3C and IETF levels. As such this is a much more independent and user-specific experience than you may find elsewhere. 

Those things considered, it can be hard to tell exactly what it is that dotMobi does at times. Their site is full of technical lingo, vague promises and charts that don't really say all that much. We can't deny their innovative use of technology though, from Device Atlas (which provides up to date information on web-enabled mobile devices) to developer tools which help you test and evaluate how effective your website is going to be on a mobile platform. Much of their work is about data analysis, then, rather than simply website design. In fact they refer you to goMobi for the actual website building elements, so that's where we need to head. You'll see we've reviewed goMobi separately in this category. For a full understanding of what they're all about go take a look at that review. Suffice to say, they offer a pretty solid service which is worth considering in its own right. Combined with dot Mobi, you ought to have the technology, data and quality website design needed to help improve your organization's online presence. Inevitably this won't be as cheap as just creating a simple mobile website. Data analysis tools can be incredibly useful but they're not free. 

DotMobi.com is well designed, sleek and almost minimalist, and this bodes well for the kinds of websites you might choose to design. They offer up to date stories on their news page and you can contact them via post, email, phone or fax. This could be improved upon, though, and we would like to see a much clearer outline of their services, how they can help you and how much things cost. There are no samples or specific examples of current and past projects that really jump out at you. Using goMobi is all well and good, it's a brand we may recommend, but it needs to go beyond that and we're not always convinced that they have masses more to offer the average website designer. DotMobi is probably worth considering if you're working for a larger organization and you're interested in better understanding your current and potential online markets. However it might not be all that useful for the everyday retailer or small businesses owner. That said, there's nothing to lose from taking a look and sending an email, and their confidence in goMobi is well founded.

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