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Wapple offer mobile website services like no other, with patented technologies that you're unlikely to find elsewhere. These technologies can increase the speed at which your site is viewed, files are downloaded and more. Wapple.net also provide most of the features you'd hope to find from a mobile website builder, including a number of sophisticated marketing techniques and specialist apps.

We'd like to start by considering some of the negatives of Wapple. Primarily these revolve around their sales site, which we felt lacked some really important information. At times, they talk in general terms, suggesting they can develop Windows, iOS and Android apps bespoke to your specifications, but they have no examples of this and offer no suggestions as to what you might need. The hope here, we imagine, is that you'll give them a call to discuss what you need and they can make suggestions. This is actually a good idea because something like an app can be quite specific, but we would like to see a little more guidance on the website so that customers can judge whether or not they need to call in. In fact, information is a bit lacking on Wapple.net. You'll find no prices and the descriptions of some of their services can be a bit wishy washy. Come on Wapple, give us something more solid to grab on to! 

What does Wapple offer? Well their biggest sales point, as we've already briefly mentioned, is that they use patented technologies to develop their mobile websites. This provides a unique experience which won't be easily replicated elsewhere. The few sites we've seen look smart and approachable, easy to navigate and attractive. However, again, we'd like a few more examples to explore.

There are three basic packages to consider on Wapple.net: Architect packages allow you to mobilize your current website; Canvas packages provide a mobile website builder; Exhibit packages simply allow you to publish once to all mobile devices. Their reasoning for these packages is that you don't necessarily need to create two different websites (one for desktop and one for mobile), rather one great website which works across a range of platforms is preferable. So long as it works, we don't disagree.

They seem to have gone to some lengths to make sure that these conversions do work properly, describing how its images and layout automatically change to suit the device they're being viewed on. Although they don't explicitly say so, we get the distinct impression that Wapple prefer to do the work for you. You provide the information, they build the website. This is likely going to be more expensive than other services, but the end product (unless you're a web designer) is a higher quality website.

Those things considered, we think that Wapple is probably more suited to a company which has a budget to cover a professionally designed mobile website. If you already have a great desktop website and want it converted professionally, Wapple is probably a good port of call. In terms of quality, this is up there with the best of them, but it isn't necessarily suitable for the small retailer with a low budget.

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