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Zoho Sites Review

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Zoho Sites offers a range of features and packages to help provide solutions to a variety of issues. For example, many people now search the web on their mobile phones, whether they're on their way to work and just a bit curious, or whether they're walking the streets looking for a good place to do some shopping. Whilst you might have a completely brilliant website, if they try to access that on their phones it just won't look right. Text might appear tiny, pictures might stretch or shrink to fit on their mobile phone screen. It's just not looking good! Whether you want to use Zoho Sites' free service, which allows you to build a mobile website with up to 5 pages, or go for the unlimited-page Pro package, there are good things around the corner.

If you're new to mobile websites then you may be a little cautious about splashing out on building one. This is completely understandable, and you may wish to get to grips with the building process before you pay for it. The Zoho Free service allows you to build a 5-page mobile website with a blog and a number of social apps. You can changed themes (colors and layouts), including a unique sidebar which you can use to sell specific goods in a sales period. You are also allowed to upload files (such as menus for customers to download).

The down side? Well 5 pages isn't enough if you have lots to sell or a lot you want to say, plus they make their money from putting adverts on your mobile website. This could be a big disadvantage if your branding is important as you never know what products and services might appear on your website.

Upgrading your account will cost you money, but not all that much. In fact Zoho-Sites offers some of the cheapest upgraded packages we've seen. For between $39 and $89 for a whole year, you can unlock a number of features that will give you more power over your website and allow you to improve on the features already mentioned.

There are pre-designed themes to fit from, ranging from arts and photography to construction, finance to hotels. You don't necessarily need to pick a template as its industry/name implies, but they have been created with the needs and images of those industries in mind.

Getting started is simple and signing up doesn't require a credit card. The editing tools are somewhat restricted in comparison with some of its competitors but if you're new to this design game then you may appreciate the simplicity of the building system.  Zoho is more suited to anyone who is new to mobile website design, however it ought to do a decent job in most circumstances. Its prices are very low indeed but it doesn't scrimp on quality. If you don't mind having a few less options here and then, we highly recommend trying Zogo.com out.

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